Monday, March 12, 2012

Gregg Allman: Live @ The Buffalo Chip, Sturgis 30th anniversary concert

It is a rarity to see Gregg Allman playing outside of the Allman Brothers Band.  But, he does in fact have a noteworthy solo band simply called The Gregg Allman Band.  Their first incarnation was in the late 1980s before the Allman Brothers reformed in 1989.  But, the new version is a real talented group of musicians.  Gregg Allman, for his part in this band, plays both B3 and electric guitar.  A concert he did at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, South Dakota during the famous motorcycle rally, was captured on television last night.  With the Allman Brothers not broadcasting their New York City Beacon Theater shows, this is the next best thing.

Speaking of The Beacon, when set lists can be accessed for the shows that are going on right now, they will still be posted.

Gregg's solo band is comprised of the following musicians:

Gregg Allman: Hammond B3, guitar, vocals
Floyd Miles: Percussion, vocals
Bruce Katz: Keyboards

 Scott Sharrard: guitar

 Jerry Jemmott: bass

 Steve Potts: drums

 Jay Collins: Saxes, flute

Allman played a thirteen song set.  Each song had noteworthy highlights.  It was a mix between Allman Brothers classics and other songs Gregg has written or been influenced by.  Here's the set list with notable highlights.
1. Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’         

This is from the "Idlewild South" album and also appeared on "Live At Fillmore East".  Scott Sharrard did a searing take on the slide guitar solo while Jay Collins played baritone sax.

2.  I’m No Angel

This tune was a solo hit for Gregg Allman back in 1987 off of a record by the same name and he's still playing it to this day.  It's a fan favorite.

3. Statesboro Blues

This Blind Willie McTell song about the town of Statesboro, Georgia is a staple of the Allman's catalog and took on a jump blues sound with Sharrard and Collins weaving all over it as compared to the straight ahead shuffle version done by the ABB.

4. These Days

This is an old chestnut written by Gregg that seems to only be played by his solo band.  Gregg and Scott Sharrard share the vocals in a duet.  Allman plays acoustic guitar and Bruce Katz delivered a great keyboard line.

5. Just Another Rider

This new tune is featured on "Low Country Blues" and penned by Allman and Warren Haynes.  Jay Collins shines once again on saxophone.

6. I'm Going Back To Daytona (feat. Floyd Miles & Pat Simmons)

This is a song penned by Gregg and Duane Allman's friend Floyd Miles who is now a member of Gregg's band, (see above).  It's about memories of the Allman Brothers playing together way before the band even came back, at gigs in Daytona Beach, Florida during Gregg and Duane's youth and features piano and B3 solos as well as a guitar solo by another friend of Allman's, Pat Simmons.

7. I Can't Be Satisfied

Gregg shows his rhythm guitar chops here, along with Sharrard and Katz as they pay tribute to Muddy Waters, playing one of his great songs which is also featured on "Low Country Blues"

8. Ridin' Thumb

This is a King Curtis song.  I was not aware of it until hearing it in the concert.  Details coming soon.

9. Melissa

Another Allman Brothers standard with a solid Sharrard guitar solo and, Jay Collins playing flute.

10. Just Before The Bullets Fly

Bruce Katz and Jay Collins add flair to this Warren Haynes' penned number first recorded on Gregg's 1988 solo record by the same name.

11. Whipping Post

This version is completely different from how the Allman Brothers play it.  Sharrard, Collins and Katz contribute solos.  Bruce Katz plays the B3 while Gregg is on rhythm guitar.  Scott Sharrard does a blistering solo towards the end.  Just as much fire, but with a completely R&B inspired vibe.

12. Floating Bridge

This track, penned by blues man Sleepy John Estes is the first cut off of "Low Country Blues" and the band turns in a superb performance of it.  Estes lyrics are vivid and haunting.

13. One Way Out

The closing number of the set.  This Allman Brothers staple (penned by Elmore James, Marshall Sehorn and harmonica legend Sonny Boy Williamson II.), brings the show to it's climax.

What Allman's band showcases is that he can be completely comfortable in a different setting and play with the same fire and energy he's always possessed.  It does not matter if Gregg Allman is playing solo or with the brothers.  He understands his musical roots and showcases them in his own unique way.  This concert from The Buffalo Chip that aired on the HDNet television network last night (Sunday March 11th), proves that.  It will be re-aired undoubtedly.  Any ABB fan going through withdrawal of not seeing the shows streamed live, this gig is the perfect remedy.


  1. These Days was written by Jackson Browne and is on JB's For everyman album, Gregg borrowed it from him for his first solo album, "laid Back"

  2. Of course. Sorry for the misprint. I knew that Jackson Browne actually wrote that tune. Must have have had a brain fade when I was blogging that gig when it was on TV. Thank you SO MUCH for the clarification.

  3. Is there a dvd of this concert?

    1. I am not sure. I think this one was televised. There is a DVD that I have documented here before. Gregg Allman "Back To Macon, Georgia". It is a CD/DVD recorded in 2014. Rest In Peace, Gregg Allman.